Thermionic Culture THER-SNOW-PETREL 2U 19 in. Extra Gain 2-Channel Mic Amp & Preamp - Optimized For Ribbon Mics

$3,883.50 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Thermionic Culture Snow Petrel is designed as a two channel microphone amplifier for all types of microphones, especially certain ribbons, eg. Coles 4038, which have a lower output level than others but superb quality. Their full potential can be realised with this high gain unit as it has a natural valve sound with very low background noise and distortion. The passive"AIR" control is provided to lift the very high frequencies as many ribbons suffer a little loss there and this compensates for that perfectly. It will give excellent results with any microphone and they have included +48V phantom power and -20dB pad for use with FET and self-amplifying microphones. There are 3 valves in each channel of the Snow Petrel, the first 2 acting as the main amplifier preceded by a specially designed Sowter input transformer, then after the passive HPF and Air controls comes the Tung Sol (6189) output valve and Sowter 1:1 transformer. This combination is capable of a clean output in excess of +25dBu. Of course many users may want valve and transformer colouration to give a bit more"edge" to the sound so Thermionic have provided 2 attenuators. O/P trim comes after the 1st 2 valves and can be used to provide a little 2nd harmonic colouration, then the"ATTEN" is at the actual output so if the unit is driven hard it will add transformer as well as valve distortion. Features Extra-low noise valves with NO solid state impurities in the audio path; Sowter's VERY special balancing transformers for the inputs and outputs; Higher than usual input impedance to preserve clarity; Hi/Lo and Pad switches to tailor the input impedance to suit individual mics; All valve Class A amplification; Controls include Switched Gain, from 40 to 75dB; HPF to reduce 'proximity effect' and 'Air' to add that extra clarity; Housed in a 2U 19" rack mounted unit Specifications Pad: 2k2 Output Impedance 40dB Gain: 0.01% 54dB Gain: 0.03% Max Gain: 0.2% Crosstalk I/P & O/P Connectors: 4 x XLR, wired balanced Pin 1 GND Pilot Lamp Bulb: 12V 3W Power Consumption: 30W Size: 19 in. Weight: 13.22 lbs
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