Thermionic Culture THER-EARLYBIRD22 Two Channel Pre-Amp with EQ

$5,092.65 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The input and output transformers have been designed by working together with Sowter transformers to provide results that are optimized for this unit. This design work provides the Earlybird 2.2 with the lowest phase shift and highest headroom possible from a mic pre-amplifier. This version of the Earlybird pre-amp design also includes extra features such as 3 bands of active lift EQ with switchable mid range frequencies and high pass filters, and a function switch to help interface the unit in different usage scenarios. Features 2 Channels of extremely high quality push pull' 'class A' type of valve pre amplification 3 bands of active lift EQ with 2 mid range frequencies and switchable high pass filters Clean gain, giving extremely low noise and distortion figures Essential mic-preamp settings such as gain, impedance, 48v power and phase are all catered for by the front panel controls Can be optimised for use with a large variety of mics, signal levels and different uses whilst remaining in an equipment rack Function switch will allow the unit to take it's input from, mic in, line, or the Pullet sockets Massive clean output, but can be trimmed by output level controls, some colouration can be obtained if desired Specifications Pad: 1.8k Line: 12.7k Pullet: 1.2k Output Impedance Maximum Gain: 62dB 1kHz: 0.01% Mic: 36, 44, 52 & 60dB High Pass Filter (Hz): 0, 40, 100 & 800Hz Output Trim: -18dB to 0dB reverse linear attenuator Input And Output Connectors: 8x3 pin XLRs, wired balanced Valve Complement: 2x12 AX7LPS / ECC83 / 7025, 2x12 AU7 / ECC82 / 6189 Pilot Light Bulb: 24V / 2.8W Weight: 1 lbs
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