Quicksilver Propellers Quicksilver Flo-TorQ II Modular Prop Hub Kit, 835278Q 1

$59.99 - $79.94 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Flo-TorQ II Modular Propellers are designed to let you easily switch props, change pitch, change from aluminum to stainless, or replace a bent propeller. Just remove the old prop housing and slip on a new one. If you happen to run into an underwater obstruction, the Delrin sleeve of the Flo-TorQ II System is designed to "break away" following impact, ensuring that damage to the engine, engine drive, and propeller is kept to a minimum. Then you can simply change out the hub kit for much less than it costs to replace a one-piece propeller. Flo TorQ II Hubs are also interchangeable with Michigan Wheel XHS Hub Kits. This is the Flo-TorQ II Hub Kit only. Propeller housings are sold separately. Quicksilver 835278Q 1 Hub KitHonda Applications for use with Quicksilver Prop Series A 135 - 225 hp 4-stroke
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