SaveOnDeals Smart-A-Rolla Simple Fitness Tracker Bracelet Style Watch And Pedometer Works w/o Smartphone - Sky Blue

$27.90 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Smart-A-Rolla is s elf contained watch that works without a Smartphone or a Bluetooth connection.. it's a Fitness Tracker Bracelet Style Watch And Pedometer all in one.. It stores and displays all info on the watch and that can be downloaded to a computer and works with the Smart-A-Rolla Fitness Tracker software which is available for FREE to download from us. The software is not required to use the watch. Smat-A-Rolla tracks your fitness activity including many important things like : It has built in 3D Pedometer. It calculates calories burned and shows your progress on the software. It has a built-in Gravity Sensor display LED Watch when the hand is raised up towards the face. It shows Time like a Watch in 12
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