APC UPS External Battery Pack For APC Smart-UPS X-Series, 864 Vah, SMX48RMBP2U

$559.94 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

In terms of cost per watt hours, it is an inexpensive choice providing efficient power Delivers a long lasting charge with the capacity of 864 VAh Add power to the UPS whose quality is affected by weak internal batteries Safer compared to other lead-acid batteries, while its spill proof design makes it the perfect power source for your critical devices 48 V DC battery can be used as a convenient spare, giving you peace of mind The external battery pack helps to ensure your computer or other electronics remain powered during power failures or interruptions. Compatible with APC Smart-UPS X-Series, including SMX1000 SMX1500RM2U SMX1500RM2UNC SMX750. 5 year maximum battery life and minimum 3 year battery life.
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