MTI Industries Classic LP Gas Alarm Flush Mount, White

$57.24 - $67.24 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Flush-mounted LP Gas Alarm has rapid response self-diagnostics. This is a LP Detector Only! Built for the extreme RV environment. UL listed for Recreational Vehicles and Unconditioned Areas. SAFE TRIP TIPAs you know many products on your RV have a replacement or maintenance schedule dependent on miles or years. This SAFE T.R.I.P. TIP pertains to your Carbon Monoxide, Propane and Smoke Alarms. The useful life of Carbon Monoxide Alarms is 5 years. Smoke Alarms have a 10 year useful life. Update to current technologies and revised UL design and operational standards. REPLACE ANY CO AND PROPANE ALARMS IF: The CO Alarm is over 5 years old* The Propane Alarm is over 5 years old. The Alarm that fails to test properly. Important! Only install CO and Propane alarms that are UL listed for Recreational Vehicle Use. Some CO alarms or their replaceable CO sensors may have a shorter service life. Check the manufacturer's owner's manual for replacement information.
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