3LAB h Serum

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3LAB h Serum is the world's first clinical serum with Nano-Claire GY™, a bio-engineered growth factor that helps replace vital nutrients lost with age. As we age, the body produces less hormones, resulting in fine lines, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and dullness. 3LAB h Serum recreates the essential energy of human growth hormones (hGH) naturally produced in the body to speed up cellular turnover for youthful, healthy skin. Using an exclusively developed natural extraction process and Nano-liposome technology 3LAB h Serum is like hormone replacement therapy for your skin. With a powerful, antioxidant formula, 3LAB h Serum delivers unprecedented effectiveness in reducing the skin degradation associated with wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity and uneven pigmentation. Benefits: Enhanced skin penetration of growth hormone through nanotechnology. Powerful antioxidants protect the skin against the most prevalent cause of wrinkles and natural degradation. Effectiveness in reversing the signs of aging. Optimum blend of antioxidants synergistically produce the most efficacious treatment on the market. Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Enhances the skin's glow and luminosity. Expedites recovery from keratolytic abrasions affected by skin peeling treatments. Alleviates adverse-effects of retinol treatments. For all skin types.
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3LAB h Serum

Offer updated on : 7/29/2021