Laird Digital Cinema 12GSDI-B-B-175 4K UHD Video Coaxial BNC Cable - 175 ft.

$189.53 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

As 12G / 4K UHD continues to shape the landscape of broadcast TV, sports, live events and commercial production workflows, Laird delivers the most advanced BNC cables on the market for effectively transmitting 12G-SDI signals up to 325 feet. Utilizing Canare L-5.5CUHD coaxial, these BNC cables are the right choice to future-proof new facility installs in studios and broadcast towers as well as outside broadcast interface applications. This coax cable has enhanced attenuation characteristics that allow transport of 12G signals at much greater distances than comparable-sized coax. Cables are fully SMPTE ST-282-1 compliant and hand crafted with Canare L-5.5CUHD miniature coaxial and BCP-D55UHD connectors. A superb return loss at 12 GHz of 15 dB, 2 dB @ 6 GHz & 26 dB @ 3 GHz makes these cables perfect for 12G, 6G and 3G systems. Features 4K UHD Video Coaxial BNC Cable - 175 ft. Designed for UHD and 4K Video Transport SDI Formats including 1.5G, 3G, 6G and 12G SDI SMPTE 282-1 Standards Fixed and Cable Reel Deployment in Studios, Trucks, Permanent Installations Excellent Attenuation Transmits up to 328 ft/1 m Terminated with 12G 75Ω BNC Connectors Flamed Retardant Specifications Return Loss: 20 Db @ 6 Ghz & 26 Db @ 3 Ghz Insulation Resistance: 5000M Corrosion Resistance: 50M Inner Conductor: Annealed Copper Outer Conductor 1: Copper Laminated Tape Outer Conductor 2: Tinned Annealed Copper Braid > 91% Insulation: Foamed Polyethylene Size: 175 ft.
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