Laird Digital Cinema TUFFCAT6A-EC-100 Super Tough Cat6A Cables with etherCON RJ45 Locking Connector System - 100 ft.

$180.40 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>Laird, the leader in rugged 10G Ethernet RJ45 cables for 4K UHD transmission, introduces the TUFFCAT6A-EC series featuring studio & field tough Neutrik etherCON CAT6A RJ45 connectors and hostile environment tactical application cable.</p><p>The cable plug carrier delivers a robust metal shell, proven Neutrik chuck-type strain relief and a CAT6A compliant RJ45 plug. The tactical cable is a shielded, extra-flexible and rugged Category 6A cable for networking and data applications constructed from four precision twisted-pairs that is tested to exceed TIA-568-C.2 specifications in 10G Cat6A applications.</p><p>These cables are ideal for on location 10G Ethernet routing for both Internet service as well as video, audio and control transmission in 4K UHD productions. They are also a great fit for video over CAT6 extension systems, video over IP in location shooting or long run PTZ camera applications.</p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Ruggedized Cable and Connectors</li><li>Designed for Repeated Connections</li><li>Extra-Flexible CAT6A Tactical Cable</li><li>Integral Latch Protection and Optimal Protective Caps</li><li>Intermateable with Existing etherCON CAT5</li><li>Clark Wire 6A 10GB-s Tactical SF-UTP Cable</li><li>23AWG Tactical Cable (low smoke zero halogen)</li><li>Super Tough Cat6A Cables with etherCON RJ45 Locking Connector System - 100 ft</li></ul><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Tally In:</b> D-sub 25-pin (female) Shared with REMOTE IN4 inputs x 2 colors (red or green color frame display)TTL negative logic level signal or make-contact input</li><li><b>DCR:</b> 9.38&Omega-100m</li><li><b>DCR Unbalance:</b> 0.03</li><li><b>Impedance:</b> 100&Omega- ( plus -- 15) 1 - 100MHz, 100&Omega- ( plus -- 20) 101 - 250MHz, 100&Omega- ( plus -- 25) 251 - 500MHz</li><li><b>Capacitance:</b> 5.6 nF-100m(mutual) - 330 pF-100m (pair-to-pair ground unbalanced)</li><li><b>Insulation:</b> Polyethylene</li><li><b>Insulation:</b> Polyethylene</li><li><b>Separator:</b> Cross-Web PVC</li></ul>
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