Princess Fantastic Beasts Niffler Costume for Kids - Black/Beige - Size: Extra Small

$34.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Sneaky Thieves! Have you seen that meme about the stressed-out parent asking their kiddo what they have in their hands and then you see the image of the trisksey villain rushing off into the distance while cackling and giggling about their victory? Oh, you created that meme? We might have known. What is it about kiddos and their ability to get their hands on everything and then vanish and run away at speeds that nobody can comprehend? Is this just a natural gift that all kids possess? Or is it possible that they've got an extra secret that they haven't been sharing? Maybe, in truth, they've got a few more things in common with certain magical creatures than we thought. If so... did we all once have those powers? Where did they go when we grew up? These are the kinds of mysteries that we need to solve! Muggle or Magic-Born, it's time to delve into the world of magical creatures and find out exactly how they work. Naturally, we've got to start with the critter who is clearly giving our tykes their snatching abilities: the Niffler! Product DetailsBring the Niffler from Fantastic Beasts to life when you give your kiddo this officially licensed Niffler costume. This is a jumpsuit made of faux fur that zips up the front. Of course, it features pockets in the front so your little grabber can snatch all the candy and rare treasures they see! They'll be able to plan their thievery under the padded hood and keep their hands hidden in the mitts. (Fortunately, the foot covers only look like Niffler feet, so you'll still hear them running around.) Niffler Snacks to be FoundIt's time to dive back into the Wizarding World and see if we can figure out where we lost our own little bit of magic. If anything can find where we put it, it'll be your tyke in this Niffler costume! All you need to do afterwards is get them to share their sweet treats! (Good luck!)
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