Bare Ground Liquid De-Icer, Inhibited MagPlus, 5 Gallons

$70.84 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Keeping your facility safe and free of slip hazards can be difficult, especially in cold winter months when snow and sleet can quickly freeze into ice. This liquid de-icer can be applied, before, during or after a snow event to help ensure that high-traffic areas are as safe as possible. Apply before, during or after a snow or ice event to help minimize slipping hazards at your facility. Applies easy with just about any sprayer applicator with an adjustable nozzle. Works effectively, even in very low temperatures. Use before a storm to create a nonstick surface to discourage accumulation, during a storm to melt falling snow on contact and after a storm to melt residual ice patches. No shelf life and can be stored for use year to year.
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