Curt Manufacturing CURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch w/2" Ball, 7500-lb, 2" Shank, 5" Drop

$109.97 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The CURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch, featuring unique ShockDrop Technology, provides improved comfort and enhanced control while towing. An integrated cushion isolator allows the hitch ball to turn the standard ball mount into a cushion hitch with anti-rattle capabilities. The RockerBall completely changes your towing experience by absorbing the erratic movement and rattling of your trailer at the coupling point. This provides a smoother ride and increased control over the vehicle and trailer. It also reduces the amount of stress placed on your vehicle, receiver hitch, brakes, and suspension system. The RockerBall is also extremely low maintenance. It has no airbags or bearings to service. Simply apply grease to the integrated zerk fitting as needed for continuous lubrication and smooth operation. This RockerBall Hitch Kit comes with a standard ball mount with a 5" drop and standard 2" shank to fit most class 3, class 4, and class 5 receiver hitches. It also includes an anti-rattle shim kit for maximum vibration resistance. The CURT RockerBall Hitch Ball is constructed from forged steel for exceptional strength. The base and ball mount are covered in a durable powder-coat finish, and the ball itself has a chrome plating for long-lasting weather resistance. Dynamic trailer ball featuring ShockDrop technology Dampens jerking and jarring from bumps and potholes for smoother towing Cushioned isolators reduce rattling and vibration for a more comfortable ride Reduces shock loads to the vehicle during sudden braking or acceleration Minimizes stress on tow vehicle's suspension and brakes for extended longevity Fits trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening Virtually maintenance-free with no airbag or bearings to service Grease zerk fitting provides easy lubrication 5" drop for leveling towing with large or lifted trucks Forged steel ball for dependable towing power Durable black powder coat finish (chrome plating on ball) Standard trailer ball diameter fits 2" couplers Rated for 7,500 lbs. GTW and 750 lbs. TW T
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