HAYWARD QTA 2 in. PVC Compact Threaded True Union Ball Valve Replacement

$59.23 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Cut out the pipe cutting and get a reliable ball valve that lets you control your water flow for maintenance without the hassle. The HAYWARD QTA Series 2 in. PVC Compact True Union Ball Valve makes installation, repairs, and replacement easy. This compact 2 in. ball valve lets you turn on or off water flow when you need it without restricting water flow in the open position. You can use this valve with up to 150 psi of pressure from your pipes and pumps. When you install it, simply drop this true union ball valve into place. It comes with the glue and threaded connection you need for installation and can be removed from your pipes just as easy as it went on. You've got things to do, people to see, and pools to swim in. Don't get held up by a pipe repair, use the HAYWARD QTA Series Ball Valve for a reliable and easy connection.
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