Dolgin Engineering DOLG-TC400-CAN Four-Position Battery Charger for Canon BP-97X

$987.19 - $1,036.27 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>The Dolgin TC400 four position battery charger accepts Panasonic VW-VBG6 (HMC150/AF100/AF100A), Panasonic CGP (HPX170/DVX100/HVX200 etc.), Sony L/M (VX-2100 etc), Canon BP (EOS C300, XL2 etc.), JVC BN-VF823 (GY-HMXX etc.) and many other battery packs (each configuration comes with its adapter plate as ordered). Compatible with Non-OEM batteries.Fast, safe simultaneous charge. High capacity battery packs (up to 7AH) are ready in about 3.5 hours. As a battery is charged, its status is displayed in:VoltsAh (as counted by the charger fuel gauge)Percent of charge (estimated, using proprietary algorithm) </p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Digital LCD display indicates the battery pack capacity, if fully discharged before insertion</li><li>Each of the 4 channels is fully independent, batteries can be inserted/removed at any time</li><li>A built-in Battery Test/Discharge Module cycles the pack through charge-discharge-charge, reports true capacity as tested (optional)</li><li>Worldwide 100-240V AC or 12V DC car power</li><li>A 7.2V DC output for camera operation from AC mains or 12V DC power source (optional)</li></ul><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Weight:</b> 0.1 lbs</li></ul>
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