System Mechanic Ultimate Defense (Electronic Download)

$46.79 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™ is the all-in-one suite of iolo’s premiere security, privacy and optimization products. By combining all of the tools in Phoenix 360 in one convenient System Mechanic interface, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense helps protect you against modern threats such as: password hacks, credit card theft, spying on your online habits, personal data selling, reputation compromise, ad-trackers, accidental file deletion, sensitive data theft, malware invasions, Windows® security holes, bloatware and startup bottlenecks, and slowdown induced by needlessly running background apps. Privacy Guardian™ online privacy protection thwarts invasive browser fingerprinting scripts by scrambling the data they rely upon to spy on your online searches, videos watched, websites visited, vacation habits and more ByePass™ is a platform-agnostic, secure password manager that also helps protect your online purchases Malware Killer™ is the nuclear option to find and remove dangerous malware from already-infected computers System Shield® is iolo’s premiere anti-malware solution, deploying both reactive and proactive malware detection strategies for maximum protection against the very latest threats DriveScrubber® hard drive wiping technology permanently erases sensitive data when selling or recycling a computer or hard drive
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