Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera Body with Flash Kit

$1,797.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<b>New 25MP Image Sensor</b>High Resolution with High-Speed Readout<b>Wider Dynamic Range</b>• Dynamic Range Boost mode• 13+ stops / 12+ stops V-Log/V-Gamut<b>High Speed Readout</b>• FHD 300fps VFR, 4K 120p HFR, 75fps burst shooting (SH)• Less rolling shutter distortion<b>New Venus Engine = 2x Processing Speed</b><b>2x Processing Speed</b>• High speed processing of new 25MP image sensor• More versatile video recording modes (5.7K 60p, Apple ProRes...)<b>Advanced Image Processing</b>• New intelligent detail processing• New 2D noise reduction• New 3D noise reduction (video)• High precision Dual 3D color control<b>Higher Speed, Higher Precision AF</b>• 3x processing speed• Improved DFD technology<b>New Generation I/F</b>• HDMI Type A (Supports 4K 120p via HDMI2.1)• USB3.2 Type-C (PD), CFexpress Type B<b>Achieves Natural and Fine Depiction</b>It is possible to capture the characteristics of the subject in more detail, and the ability to discriminate between flat, detail, and edge areas is improved. Combined with "edge correction processing" that reproduces natural contours, high resolution and three-dimensional depiction are achieved.<b>Keeping Details even at High Sensitivity</b>Suppresses unpleasant color noise and improves the graininess of luminance noise. Achieves more natural and three-dimensional depiction than ever while suppressing noise even with high sensitivity.<b>Improved Image Quality at High Sensitivity</b>Improved motion detection accuracy when recording video. Achieves a high noise reduction effect by discriminating between stationary and moving areas with high accuracy and suppressing afterimages.<b>Handheld High-Res Mode</b>8 consecutive images are automatically shot while shifting the sensor using the B.I.S. mechanism and synthesized into one image.<b>100MP RAW & JPEG</b>The Venus Engine's high-speed processing allows for smooth JPEG processing on the camera itself.<b>Drive Mode Dial</b>Easy access from drive mode dial.<b>Video Shooting Assist Functions</b><b>Filtering</b>Applies filtering by condition to narrow down various Rec Quality setting options.<b>My List of Rec Quality</b>You can register frequently used combinations for quick recall.<b>My Menu</b>Aggregate the frequently used settings to "My Menu" to call them out quickly<b>Image Stabilizer Anamorphic</b>An image stabilizer ideal for an anamorphic lens can be used. Select from 1.30x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x or 2.0x depending on the lens magnification.<b>Anamorphic Desqueeze Display</b>Images can be desqueezed in cinescope size. Magnification rate is also selectable from 1.30x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.8x or 2.0x.<b>Video Shooting Assist Functions<...
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