Gitup Git2 1080p Full HD Gyro Video Wi-Fi Action Camera, Pro Packaging, Black

$99.00 - $119.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

• 1080p 60fps Full HD Wi-Fi Action Camera• High quality all glass elements, Angle of View: 170deg. ,120deg.• Support Microphone, Remote Control, TV Out, HDMI Out<b> 2K </b> With extremely high resolution options as 2560 x 1440, 30FPS and even 2880 x 2160,24FPS (which shows 3840x2160P while playback). <b> 60FPS </b> Ensuring that you get enough details and fluid footages under speedy mode move. <b> 16MP </b> Besides making great videos, 16MP Sony sensor brings you ultra-performance in photo shooting as well. <b> GYRO IS </b> Steady your movie and erase the bumps. <b> Quick Start Recording </b> One simple press on shutter button cold quickly start <b> External Mic </b> Offering you a greater audio enjoyment besides built-in-mic. <b> Wrist Remote </b> Making camera control happens simply on your wrist. <b> 30m Water Resistant </b> Unique waterproof case design secures your trip down to 30m undersea. <b> AV Out </b> Supporting instant AV out. <b> RAW </b> Supporting RAW image format output. <b> What the fans love </b>• 4:3 & 16:9 Video Resolution• External Microphone• Remote Shutter Trigger• Quick Capture• Wi-Fi Client Mode• Exposure Value Lock• White Balance Value Lock • Custom White Balance• G-Sensor• Auto AV OUT• Custom Config File• Custom Power On/Off Logo <b> Small and Light </b>Can you imagine a camera that could take less space and weight less than and egg? Yes, that is Git2! It weights 64g only including the battery and it measures only 59x40x30mm including the lens. <b> Professional video and photo performance </b>Combining the latest Novatek chip & SONY sensor, Git2 is devoting to preserving your each happy frame and delivering you with the most original & professional & alive videos and images. Find it out with Git2, you will be amazed!<b> 30m water resistant </b> Imagining how regretful it would be if your case opens or breaks unexpectedly while you're doing scuba diving in deep sea. Our innovative lock design and upgraded built quality largerly decreases the possibility, frees your worries to allow you dive wholeheartedly ever since! <b> Wrist Remote </b>When your camera is fixed somewhere out of reach such as skiing board, surfing or biking helmet and you just want to start recording the video, how convenient it would be if you can simply press one button to make it! Yes, that's how Wrist Remote serves you. <b> Gyro </b> <b> Stabilization </b> With embedded Gyro chip and software optimization, Git2 automatically detects each bump during video shooting and stabilize it, restoring you with a smooth, fluid movie when it's under speedy constant move. <b> External Microphone </b>Sometimes you plan to take the action camera to an exciting...
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