Stabila Aluminum Type 196 Box Beam Level Set 3 vial

$150.00 - $169.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Stabila’s 16” & 48” type 196 level sets are bestselling level sets that include 16 inch type 196 levels and 48 inch type 196 levels. Among other things, 16” & 48” type 196 level sets are great for carpentry work. STABILA’s type 196 spirit levels feature extra-rigid rectangular box beam aluminum profiles with reinforcing ribs, milled measuring surfaces, removable shock-absorbing end caps with anti-slip wall grips, and very accurate vials. These hand tools are the most popular Stabila box frame spirit level tools in North America! Level sets are cost effective alternatives for those seeking to acquire multiple Stabila spirit levels.
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