Wagan 10000 Watt ProLine Power Inverter

$1,084.90 - $1,414.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

ProLine 10000 Watt Inverter SMT (Surface Mount Technology) circuit board Greater reliability better efficiency and fewer stray RF emissions over the older PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) Lightweight compact size Powerful cooling fan Manually operated power switch (On/Off) Jack for a remote power switch (included) 4 stacked 120V AC outlets capable of providing 1500 watts each LED over-load and over-temperature warning lights Voltage and amperage level indicators Contains a heavy duty solid mount positive (red) terminal a heavy duty solid mount negative (black) and a ground-neutral bond stud with wing-nut Both the terminals and bond stud come directly out of the case to make connections easier High peak surges allow up to 3x the continuous rating Supports high surging appliances such as tools microwaves air conditioners and refrigerators Uses top quality components and reliable MOSFET transistors Specifications: Power: 10000W Surge power: 20000W AC Outlets: 4 @ 1500W max each AC Output: 115-125V Frequency: 60Hz Socket type: U.S. standard 3-prong (4x) Maximum efficiency: 90% Output waveform: Modified sine wave Overload Protection: Automatic shutdown Overheating protection: Thermal cooling fan automatic shutdown Fan: Temperature Controlled DC input: 10-15V Input range: 10V to 15V DC High voltage Shutdown: 15V Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection: Internal fuse (non-replaceable) Low battery alarm: 10.5V ?? 0.5V Low battery auto shutdown: 9.5V ?? 0.5V Auto restart after Low-Voltage shutdown: Yes No load current:
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