Rubies Costume Co. Inc Adult Collectors Superman Costume - Blue/Red - Size: One Size

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There are Superman fans… and then there are Superman fans—those fanatical fans who eat, drink and sleep constantly thinking of the Last Son of Krypton. Ever since you saw Christopher Reeve turn back time by flying really fast around the world and reversing its orbit, you’ve been hopelessly devoted to the Man of Tomorrow. Whether in his campy 1940s cartoon phase or his angsty 2013 Man of Steel phase, he has always been your favorite superhero—really, the only super hero you even acknowledge.For years, you’ve tirelessly and zealously collected every bit of Superman memorabilia you could find, no matter how strange or unusual: Superman Crazy Foam, the Superman Super Hopper Pogo Stick, Superman underwear, Superman cheese (yes, these are all real products you can really buy)…But of course, the bread and butter of your collection has always been your action figures. You have Supermans (Supermen?) from every show, every movie, every comic appearance… Verily, you’ve managed to amass such a giant collection that there might be no more versions of Superman to add to your collection. And that’s a troubling, heartbreaking thought.But wait! There is one more Superman action figure that you can buy—and it’s sure to be the biggest draw of your entire collection… literally. It’s the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Superman Costume, and it’s sure to stand out in any collection. This officially licensed life-sized Superman action figure comes with a standard blue Superman form-fitting stretch shirt and tights with elastic footies, as well as a heavy red cape with an embroidered Superman symbol. There is also a molded latex chest piece with foam lining, foam biceps, red molded foam trunks with blue foam thighs and red molded foam boot covers. A yellow latex belt finishes off the look.Just imagine all the fun you can have playing with this life-sized toy!
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