Koolatron 8 Qt. (7L) Traveller III Thermoelectric Cooler, Gray

$84.82 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Compact design with major cooling power. The Koolatron P9 compact thermoelectric cooler boasts a durable design and is created to withstand years of use. It uses thermoelectric cooling technology and requires no ice. Plug this travel cooler into your vehicle's 12 volt plug to keep your food and drinks cold all day without any ice packs. This 12 v travel cooler has an 8-quart capacity, which can fit up to 9 cans at any given time. This compact cooler is also a great option for cooling and storing heat sensitive items such as film or battery equipment. When plugged in, the thermoelectric module uses only 3 amps of power. It will cool its contents up to 40F below the surrounding the temperature. Or you can flip the plug to switch to warming mode and keep items warm up to 135F (57C). The Koolatron P9 thermoelectric cooler features a durable hard-sided exterior and is made with high performance foam insulation. This 12 v cooler has only one moving part, so there is no maintenance to consider. Just plug it into your vehicle to start cooling. Color: Gray.
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