DashMat Suede Dash Cover 82174-01-47

$59.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

If you are looking for a super soft dash cover that gives a rich casual elegance to your vehicle, then check out the DashMat Suede Dash Cover! This plush dash cover is extremely soft to the touch with a brushed suede look that is made from a super soft microfiber. This microfiber mimics suede without any of the pitfalls of genuine suede. It comes in 4 color options to compliment any interior including: black, smoke, grey, and beige. The edges of the cover are hemmed and stitched with a color matching trim which gives it a sleek finished look. Not only does this DashMat give your vehicle a more high-end look but it will also protect your dash from harmful UV rays, dirt, and dust. It also covers imperfections in older dashboards and prevents cracking or warping. So, whether you are looking to protect that restored classic or maintain the value of your everyday vehicle, this dash cover has your back DashMat Suede Dash Cover 82174-01-47
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