Sony HDC-2000 Multiformat Camera System, 2/3" CCD, 1080p Resolution, White

$96,250.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Sony HDC-2000 3G White double-speed multi format studio system camera incorporates Sony's advanced technologies for studio cameras. Three 2/3-inch Progressive IT CCDs and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) LSI with 16 bit A/D converter provides amazing picture quality with very little noise and high dynamic range. 3G capable, 3D and double speed slow motion capture. The HDC-2000 features 3G transmission and has multi-format capability, from 1080/100i and 720/100p (double speed slow motion) to 1080/50p, as well as a wide range of other HD formats including 1080/50i, 720/50p,1080/25p and 1080/24p. The camera also provides 3D production capabilities with dual camera transmission via a single hybrid fibre cable. <b> High picture quality and high performance </b>The HDC-2000 features a 2/3-type wide Progressive IT CCD for 2,200,000 pixels and a signal processing LSI, both newly developed to help achieve a high level of image quality via improved S/N, high resolution and low smear compared to previous models. A 16-bit AD converter allows for optimal picture quality and enhanced black reproduction.<b> Slow motion via 2x speed recording </b>1080/50i-59.94i and 720/50P-59.94P formats are supported, as well as 1080/23.98PsF-24PsF-25PsF-29.97PsF and 1080/ 50P-59.94P progressive formats and 1080/100i-119.88i and 720/100P-119.88P slow-motion 2x speed recording formats.<b> Standard 3G optical digital transmission unit </b>3G optical digital transmission of signals between the camera and camera control unit (CCU) is included and allows the following kinds of video signal transmission and system configurations: 1080/50P-60P progressive video signal transmission. Transmission of 2x speed recording signals such as 1080/100i-119.88i for production of slow-motion video. Transmission of HD prompter, HD TRUNK and network TRUNK signals that utilize empty bands during 1080/50i-60i and 720/50P-60P operation. Dual camera system for transmitting video signals from a second HD camera to two CCUs using just one optical fibre/multi-cable. Sub-camera system for transmitting video signals from both an HDC2000 and another sub-camera such as the HDC-P1 using just one optical fibre/multi-cable and outputting their signals from one CCU<b> Adaptive-matrix color-reproduction function </b>This function accurately controls calculation factors for performing accurate color conversion when shooting. This makes precise color conversion possible even when shooting under conditions that would otherwise exceed the color conversion range of traditional matrix functions, such as under strong monochromatic blue light sources.<b> Multi-matrix color correction for matching multiple cameras </b>In addition to the standard 6-axis matrix function, the camera has a multi-matrix function that permits you to adjust the hue and chroma for color components in 16-axis directions independently. This is quite useful in color matching among...
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