Schumacher Automatic 12 volt 200 amps Battery Charger/Engine Starter

$169.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Schumacher 6/12V Wheeled Fully Automatic Battery Charger and 40/200A Engine Starter is built for heavy-duty charging needs, perfect for engine starting and charging SUVs, trucks and other large engines. This unit is also a battery and alternator tester, providing charge level and helping to diagnose electrical problems. From Schumacher’s Wheel Charger line, this unit offers 200A Engine Start, 40A Boost and 6/2A Charge/Maintain rates. This charger features digital display, LED indicators and button controls for ease and accuracy. Auto-voltage detection automatically detects output. The reverse hook-up protection ensures charger will not operate if clamps are reversed, as LED indicators will flash.
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