Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Upgrade for Mac and Windows

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Features and technical details

<b> Upgrade Version </b> - to use this upgrade version of Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0, which can be purchased at a significant savings over the full version, you will need to have a fully licensed, earlier version of Nikon Camera Control Pro installed on your computer. Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 software remotely controls most functions of Nikon digital SLRs from a computer that is connected via USB cable or through wired or wireless LAN using a wireless transmitter. Advanced functions of newer cameras (e.g. D3, D700, D300, D90), such as the Viewer for preview and selection of images prior to transfer, LiveView function and PictureControl System are also supported, along with the workflow of Nikon's exclusive photofinishing software Capture NX (optional) and the browser and viewer software View NX. <b> Take Control of Your Photography - Remotely </b> Most settings of Nikon digital-SLRs, that are connected via USB cable, such as exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture can be controlled remotely from a computer, using Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0. Wired or wireless LAN is also available when using a remote transmitter. <b> Save Tone Compensation Curves In-camera </b> In newer Nikon digital SLRs, including the D2xs, Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 supports the Picture Control System of the cameras. Picture Control parameters can be selected and adjusted on a computer, and customized Tone Compensation Curve data can be saved to tailor the camera's behavior to the photographer's vision and improve efficiency when using multiple cameras at the same time. <b> Viewer Function </b> Enhanced viewer function enables thumbnail display of images stored in a computer and enables captured images to be viewed within the software. Furthermore, images in a camera buffer can be confirmed with thumbnail or preview display on a computer prior to transferring, enabling deletion of unnecessary images. This remarkably increases efficiency. <b> Improved Graphic User Interface </b> Camera Control Pro 2.0 provides a simulated camera LCD panel on the computer screen, performs the same function as the cameras display, and has been modified to be consistent with those used in the latest cameras for smoother operation. <b> Supports LiveView with D3, D700, D300 & D90 Cameras </b> Supporting the Liveview Mode (Hand-held mode and Tripod mode) of the D3, D700, D300 and D90 cameras permits adjustment of focus point and shutter release while confirming the image on a computer. In Tripod Mode, focal-plane contrast AF on a desired point within a specific area is possible. <b> Compatible with Nikon's Image Authentication </b> Image data can be transferred and stored on the computer with Camera Control Pro 2.0 without affecting the Image Authentication function of camera models equipped with this feature. <b> Smooth Integration with other Nikon software </b> Camera...
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